Hammerhead. Hard on Hard-to-Reach Windows

The Tough Windows?

Most of us have said that about a difficult, or dangerous-to-reach window or skylight cleaning job.
We all have jobs that have a situation that would be nice if we could do them faster, easier or safer.

Solution: HammerHead

First, you have to figure a way to reach the windows or skylights, so you try to reach then with a pole and this is when the squeegee daemons start to laugh because you are forced to do it from a bad location. Ohhhh! the exasperation on some jobs, when 10% of the windows take up to 50% of your time. HammerHead Squeegee is here to change that equation forever. We developed the HammerHead Squeegee with the difficult jobs in mind. Its design has an innovative “articulation” which enables you to tackle difficult hard-to-reach windows or skylights effectively and safely.


The Articulated Pivot

This truly unique feature of the Hammerhead Squeegee now gives you the power to effectively tackle the 10% of the jobs that typically take 50% of the time.
The squeegee handle you see here in the animated gif is an ‘angled’ handle. The Hammerhead line also features a ‘straight’ handle.

Increased Productivity Means Increased Profits

Increased Profits

Owning an inexpensive HammerHead Squeegee gives you a distinct edge over the competition. Now you can tackle these hard-to-reach jobs quickly and thoroughly using an extension pole, even when an obstacle is in your way. Because the HammerHead Squeegee has infinite and instantaneous control as you twist the extension pole, it can do what your conventional squeegee can’t. It will allow you to “Fan-method” the entire glass without lifting off. It will allow you to “close out” at the vertical window frame if a window sill is in the way of the horizontal frame. It will prove to be an indispensable tool in your kit. You can also use it “hand held” for regular windows, or if you want to switch from the pole at any moment. There is also a version that allows you to use a pole when the glass is right in front of you and the pole would be perpendicular to the glass.

Articulating Pivot: Crucial Difference

The “Articulating” movements of the HammerHead are not the same as the pivoting squeegee “clunker” you may already have. The age-old, standard squeegee, which has a friction pivot and locks into a fixed position, is no comparison to a HammerHead.