Hammerhead in Action

Skylight Close-up

The HHS was on a four-foot pole. As you can see it functioned effectively at a 45 degree angle.

Squeegee Close-up

Proof positive: Hammerhead squeegee has working radius of nearly 360 degrees. Also note the rubber in constant contact with glass surface, and smooth, effortless control of the squeegee.

Slate Above Roof

Any window squeegee pro can attest to the challenge windows like these present. The small rectangular window is to the right at arms’ length. No problem with a Hammerhead Squeegee as it comfortably ‘closes-out’ to finish. Even the crow was impressed!

Glass Canopy

One example of a commercial job that can be a headache. However, just another day in the jungle for the Hammerhead Squeegee. It whips around like a cobra on the end of an eight-foot pole. ……Yawn….Next! 


Amazing what people will do to complete a task. Of the four images, I find grandma in that hideous housecoat the most horrifying spectacle – not her on the ledge, that housecoat! Just playing! 🙂