Straight or Angled?
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Switch your handle with a different one

Hammerhead Squeegee gives you the possibility to change the handle and/or the channel to make the squeegee you want.


How to choose my handle?

The straight version of the handle is the perfect one for doing overhead skylights. Also, it is more useful in difficult situations than the angled version. This is the handle that you will most likely used when you want to clean a hard-to-reach window. More technically: if the pole holding the squeegee is more perpendicular to the glass than it is parallel to the glass, then use the straight handle.

The 20° angled version can be used all day, for all jobs. Although, it is a uniquely unconventional squeegee that really excels when it comes to hard-to-reach/dangerous-to-reach windows. Its free-moving articulated head allows you to use the fan technique while using a pole. You can change the angle of the squeegee flush against the horizontal or vertical frame. This articulation allows you to also be off to one side of the window if you have to. With a conventional squeegee on a pole, you have to be directly in front of the part of the glass you want to squeegeeing, or you can’t get the blade flush against the frame.

Additional information
Weight 4.4 oz
Dimensions 10 × 3.5 × 2.5 in

Choose a handle type, Angled, Straight


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