Our story in some ways is probably similar to yours: Hard working guy who carves out a good living building his cleaning business. The HammerHead Squeegee was the result of a few things converging: Dude (me) with 20 years experience on the window cleaning front lines, a naturally inquisitive, solutions-based mind, and a strong distaste for the status quo.

Face it, man has accomplished great things over the past 80 years – cracked the Enigma Code, landed on the moon, and discovered the outrageously tasty snack of dipping bacon in chocolate. But little has changed in the world of window squeegees since its invention in 1936. Ettore Stenconne’s basic design remains solid. And even today the fixed squeegee is fine for the majority of windows.

However, it is those few windows that cause most the problems – 10% of the windows/skylights take up to 50% of our time. Residential and commercial developments today are installing more of these labor intensive windows. So clearly there is a growing need for a squeegee that is more effective yet as simple as Steconne’s original design.

Yes, there are a handful of squeegees which each do a little bit of this and a little bit of that. No squeegee, however, compares to the full functionality of the HammerHead Squeegee – the innovative articulating pivot, the light weight lack of bulkiness, the incredible working radius of the HammerHead in action.

Ultimately our collaborated with an industrial designer led to the creation of a squeegee that met a set of criteria for performance, efficiency, and assured job safety. The result was the first tool under the Hammerhead name – the Hammerhead Squeegee. Now you can own this truly innovative window cleaning tool.

The HammerHead Squeegee is a great addition to your current range of tools. Can it tackle the standard issue windows? Of course. But the Hammerhead will earn its weight in gold over and over again on those hard-to-reach windows and skylights. From now on jobs like these won’t be a time consuming chore, but money-makers. You will be doing windows like this in a fraction of the time.